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Over the past 10 years many new orchards have been planted in the southern USA; from Northern Florida to all the way to California, pecan growers have been reaping a bountiful harvest with record prices, which has in turn given growers a larger budget for new plantings. Two areas in particular that have seen significant new plantings are middle to south Georgia and Southern New Mexico. Between these two areas alone we have seen thousand of acres converted into young pecan orchards, but one area that has been planting even more frantically than Georgia and New Mexico is Mexico. The country of Mexico has long been a producer of pecans as well as a trading partner with the USA in the same; whether sending in-shell pecans to Mexican based shellers or buying in-shell pecans from Mexican growers, the USA and Mexico have had a long relationship together in the pecan industry. Until recent years Mexico has accounted for around 10%-15% of the worlds supply of pecans falling second only to the USA which has usually accounted for 75%-80% of the world supply of pecans. However according to recent data from the USDA and other sources, the 2016 pecan harvest season may be the year that Mexico out produces the USA in total pecan production based on pounds produced.