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The Western Pecan Growers Association is holding its 52nd annual conference today in sunny Las cruces New Mexico. Growers from all of the surrounding states as well as growers from Mexico, and even as far away as Australia are here to learn more about pecan practices in the area.

The western pecan growers conference will conclude today around lunch. The pecan growers conference began on Sunday with a welcome reception and the infamous fantasy food contest entries. Growers spent most of the day Monday hearing from pecan experts about various topics from Insecticides for pecan aphids to proper pecan site evaluation. Lunch was given outside where growers gathered to eat and share practices of spraying and hedging from their neighbors. Pecan equipment manufactures are onsite displaying their latest models of pecan harvesters, pecan shakers, self-propelled herbicide sprayers and of course all of the latest pecan processing equipment from optical sorters to pecan sizing and pecan bagging equipment. Mr. Bruce Caris of the American Pecan Council gave an educational talk on the proper forms to be used by the “first Handler” and also spent time explaining to pecan growers how to determine who the first handler is in various pecan buying and selling scenarios. Mr. Kevin Ivey of the US Pecan Growers Council updated western pecan growers about the work being done in various overseas markets to promote pecans. The western pecan growers meeting will conclude today at lunch with multiple speakers this morning covering various topics. All pecan growers large and small, are encouraged to join and take part in next year’s meeting.