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Western Pecan Growers Meet in Las Cruces New Mexico

The Western Pecan Growers Association is wrapping up its 53rd annual conference and trade show led by WPGA president Les Daviet. This years event kicked off Sunday with meetings from the US Pecan Growers Council giving updates on efforts in various markets around the globe; the National Pecan Federation held a meeting later in the afternoon discussing current pecan issues on Capital hill as well as work being done by the Redding Firm on behalf of the pecan industry. Social hour was lively with discussion and opinions about export markets, imports from Mexico, and the American Pecan Council’s effort to increase domestic demand for pecans. Monday proceeded with educational discussions from pecan experts from New Mexico State University, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, the University of Arizona and the USDA ARS Laboratory on topics ranging from Soils and Fertilizers to photosynthesis and Aphids, to leaf analysis for pecan trees. Mr Robert Redding updated pecan growers about the Pecan PAC and its role in Washington representing the pecan industry’s interest. Ms Mabel Zhuang updated growers on the work being done in China by the US Pecan Growers Association, and recent success despite the trade war. She explained that even though we are in the midst of a trade war, that US Pecans are highly favored and are still showing up on store shelves. Growers from across the US, Mexico, and South Africa were in attendance to hear from the experts on the various best practices for growing pecans. Monday evening concluded with dinner and the lively auction of the Pecan Food Fantasy dishes. The conference will conclude today at noon after the morning sessions.