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USDA Request Farmer’s Input on Climate Change Policy

The USDA is asking for input from US farmers and ranchers to help shape Climate policy for years to come along with funding for USDA programs to address these issues. The Biden administration issued the Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad. 


This order is meant to eventually enact changes to policies that will take action regarding climate change and long term resilience against negative climate impacts. Part of the process of this order is requesting the USDA to compile input from US farmers and ranchers that will ultimately help farmers continue to feed and clothe the world while combating negative effects of climate change.


This is an important time for the pecan industry to step up and be heard at the table, input from pecan farmers could be an important voice considering that pecan trees already combat climate change with removal of carbon from the air while producing healthy plant proteins and arguably the world’s healthiest fat, to consumers around the globe.


As we all know, planting pecan trees for commercial plant protein production is a financial burden that we as growers bear alone. We currently get no help to plant and nurture our orchards for 8-10 years before nuts are commercially viable, yet all the while our trees / orchards are fighting climate change now and for years to come by removing carbon from the air. This is all ultimately to produce health proteins and fats for human consumption and hull material that can be burned as biofuel to produce energy. 


Our industry is full of brilliant minds and hard working farm families that deserve our voice to be heard for the betterment of our planet while nurturing our industry, your input to the USDA is needed. If you have an opinion or idea about how the USDA can help you be a better farmer, and fight climate change, send them a message and help promote US farmers and ranchers at the link below.