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USDA Releases Latest Pecan Report Tuesday December 13, 2022

The USDA’s AMS has released the latest pecan report showing grower prices inch up slightly as supply’s tighten and the crop gets smaller by the day. 


Georgia is in the short rows with pecan harvest this year and growers are reporting a much smaller crop than originally anticipated. Several other areas around the US are also reporting smaller crops and pecan inventories for handlers has hit new lows. 


Pecan growers are largely not selling into the bear market and supplies are dwindling fast. Handlers and shellers have roughly a 3 month supply until production stops when supply runs out based on forecasted demand. If demand increases the time line will shorten like this years available crop. 


The report covers Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas and also briefly touches on West Texas, Arizona and New Mexico who have no sales currently according to the report. Pecan supplies are tight but not tight enough to force buyers sharpen their pencils just yet. 


Most growers are headed to cold storage with their crop and will be waiting a month or two for prices to recover before entertaining any offers. See the full report using the link below.