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USDA Releases Last Pecan Report for the 2022-23 Season


The USDA released their latest pecan report February 14th 2023 detailing pecan updates in the southwestern US along with pecan imports from Mexico. This is reported to be the last USDA update for the season. 

Pecan imports from Mexico continue to trail behind last season but the gap is closing quickly with in-shell pecan imports currently surpassing last season by about 4 million pounds, while shelled pecan imports are still trailing behind last season by about 12 million pounds. The A.M.S. has also included a summary at the end of the report detailing pecan imports from other countries as well, however Mexico is still the largest country of origin by volume for pecans entering the US. 


So far this season sheller / handlers have imported approximately 127 million pounds of pecans while last season by this time shellers had imported approximately 147 million pounds, a decrease of around 20 million pounds when compared to last year’s same time period. 


Last week was the last AMS report released for Georgia for the season. The only area reported with this final report is the Western region growing area in Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas. 


With a short crop and lower yields this year, many growers are selling retail online and through gift shops from home. Growers are finished with harvest and pecans that are not staying in cold storage are being sold now. The pecans in cold storage will be sold in late Spring or during the summer when buyers need to fill orders and the growers hopefully get the price they want. Prices are about steady. Blends of Western Schley with 54% meat yields or better sold in a range of about $3.10-3.15 per point. Blends of Fair quality Western Schley pecans with 48% meat yields or better sold for about $2.85 per point. An estimate of about fifteen million pounds will remain in cold storage out of the Western region.


Prices paid to growers (from late afternoon Tuesday, February 7, 2023 through late afternoon Tuesday, February 14, 2023) at buyers delivery point or F.O.B. the orchard.


Western Schley (deliveries light) 54-58% meat yield 167-182.


To check out the full report  click the link below.