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Since August of this year the US pecan shelling industry has imported over 37 million pounds* of pecans from Mexico according to the Department of Homeland Security Customs Border Protection; and as that number continues to grow American Pecan growers are beginning to feel the effects in the price of pecans locally.

By in large the 2017 pecan season has been quite good for most American Pecan growers. With the exception of the pecan growers who were hit by the storms in Texas and Georgia most pecan growers in the US have reported high quality crop production. Pecan prices in the US have also been quite strong for most of the season due mainly to the export markets that the US Pecan Growers Council has developed and continues to nurture. However, in-shell prices in the US have fallen slightly and many believe this could be due to the number of pecans that the US shelling industry has imported from Mexico. In august sheller’s imported just under 8 million pounds, September just under 10 million pounds, October just over 14 million pounds, and so far in November a little more than 5 million pounds has been imported from Mexico*.  While US pecan growers continue harvest, many say they are grateful for the developing export markets. We will continue to monitor the US and Mexico pecan harvest as it progresses to see how Mexican pecan imports will affect US pecan prices.

*Department of Homeland Security Customs Border Protection converted to an in-shell basis based on average 57% meat yield in-shell.