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US Pecans Struggle for Chinese Shelf Space Amid the Trade War

The China US trade war that began just over one year ago now has disrupted the American Pecan’s newest number one trading partner. The US Pecan Growers Council, internationally known as “US Pecans”, has been developing international markets for US grown pecan nuts for a little over 7 years now, with China being the number one focus for active markets. The reason of course is the size of the Chinese economy, and the rise of the middle class in China. As the country’s economy continues to grow, so does the middle class population in China, accounting for most of the purchase of luxury goods, such as nuts. The USPGC has been developing the China market for years and with very good results. That came to a screeching halt when the trade war began, causing China to shift pecan purchasing habits to neighboring Mexico, as well as South Africa. Since the trade war began, pecan prices in the US have fallen by as much as $0.50 per pound or in some cases as much as 30%. The trade talks in Beijing earlier this week ended with little progress made, and the White House says they will not resume until September. The White House did say that China is still committed to purchasing more US farm products, but no details of what or how much has been released yet. The US and China plan to resume trade negotiation again in September, however analysts have predicted China will wait until after the US Presidential elections to complete the trade negotiations.