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On Tuesday April 3, 2018 we ran the “Pecan Tariffs and the China US Trade War” article, after speaking with several of our Chinese contractors we agreed that pecans were not specifically covered under the new tax code in China. We published the story at 10:15 am and by 10:21 am we received emails and phone calls from brokers, in 4 different countries, 2 government employees, and multiple other growers and pecan industry organization leaders, informing us that our information may be incorrect. They were right. By 10:28 am we had the corrections made to the article. I bring this to attention, not to show our mistake, but to show how valuable and efficient this industry is because of the community working together to publish accurate and timely pecan data for the global pecan industry.

THANK YOU! to all of our friends, as well as to all of the daily contributors who make this publication possible. We are grateful, and we are proud to serve you.