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The US Pecan has been on the move over the last decade and a half, with rapid expansion into international markets, many pecan industry participants have struggled to keep the supply at pace with the demand. Over the last few months Pecan shellers got a much needed restock of pecans to continue the shipping and shelling activities well into the new year. Many of the larger pecan shellers in the southern US have been waiting for the western pecan crop to be harvested. The western pecan crop along with the Mexican pecan crop is the bread and butter of the pecan shelling industry. As of December 18, 2017, sheller’s have imported 27,872,000 lbs of in-shell pecans and 29,857,000 lbs of shelled pecans from Mexico. If converted to in-shell at a 50% meat yield it works out to 87,586,000 pounds of in-shell imported from Mexico since august of 2017. Many shellers continue to expand shelling operations, but say it is difficult to keep up.