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US Pecan Production Down 27%

The USDA NASS released the pecan production report on March 14th, detailing the pecan production quantity and value by each state in the USA. The report confirmed the the huge losses to Georgia’s pecan production via Hurricane Michael wiping out nearly half of Georgia’s crop. While Georgia had the lowest pecan production since 2006, a bright spot in the data is the increasing pecan production in New Mexico, leading the US with just over 90 million pounds in 2018 slightly down from the previous year. It is important to remember that the USDA NASS Pecan Production report only covers 8 of the pecan producing states in the USA. Also in the report is the pecan value. Pecan production in Texas was also significantly lower, due in large part to excessive rain and flooding in areas of the state. Click below to view the entire report.