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China is fast becoming one of the largest markets for both in-shell and shelled pecans. The Chinese now consume more than a third of the US Pecan nut crop along with nearly 90% of the South African pecan nut crop; and are a major factor in both US Pecan nut prices and South African pecan nut prices. The US Pecan Growers utilize ,MZ Marketing, an in country marketing firm with a large Chinese audience in the natural food industry. This year will be a little different for the US Pecan growers in China due to recent increases in tariffs on US Pecans going into China. The cost to import has increase from previously lower levels, and some Chinese consumers side with their government in the retaliatory tariffs on US products. However, with the demand continuing to rise, the Chinese will likely import the same amount if not more pecans as in previous years.  One major advantage of the US Pecans has is the lobbying power. With pecan growers spread over 15 states in the US, the growers have more representatives than other nuts such as almonds which are produced primarily in California, or hazelnuts in Oregon and California.