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The American Pecan Council released its monthly pecan position report. In the pecan report you will find information for US Pecans exports as well as pecan imports into the US. The report shows just under 3 million pounds of in-shell pecans being shipped to Hong Kong, the first of the season to be shipped to China from the US. However China has been buying from Mexico already in this pecan harvest season. This makes up almost 100% of all in-shell pecan exports with a small amount going to Canada. Shelled pecan export shipments have been much more active in November, shipping just over 2 million pounds to 22 different countries. It is important to remember that no domestic pecan sales are recorded. However the most interesting data in the report is the amount of committed pecans that have already been sold to customers and are awaiting delivery. 82,663,965 (converted to in-shell @ 50% yield) pounds have been committed to be delivered, while only 33,919,424 pounds of in-shell pecans have been produced in October leaving almost a 50 million pound deficit in availability for the month of November. While there is pecan supply available in cold storage, if these trends continue the supply will run out long before the demand does this pecan harvest season.