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The US Pecan Growers Council along with the American Pecan Council both track and report the movement of pecans around the world. This is done for a wide variety of reasons; however, one reason is to identify healthy export markets as well as identify opportunities for other export markets that might be a good fit for the pecan. The data is tracked in several ways, the US Pecan Growers Council tracks the data using Department of Commerce data and the American Pecan Council uses reporting by pecan handlers as submitted in the monthly reports. The data used here is from the most recent year end pecan position report by the American Pecan Council. The data shows that most of the world’s pecans are delivered as a finished kernel product ready for consumption. This of course is no surprise, what is surprising, is that despite these numbers, pecan growers still insist on marketing an in-shell pecan thereby eliminating around 85% of the pecan market buyers, the single largest reason pecan growers are receiving less for their crop in a year where demand is climbing. The top three export markets for shelled pecans according to the latest numbers are Germany at the number one spot importing 4,776,570 pounds of shelled pecans. The number two spot goes to Netherlands at 4,136,130 pounds of shelled pecans, and the United Kingdom at number three, importing 3,337,530 pounds of shelled pecans.