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Texas Pecan Growers Meet in Frisco

The Texas Pecan Growers Association held its 98th annual conference and trade show earlier this in sunny, Frisco Texas. The Texas Pecan Growers conference kicked off with a welcome speech from current president Mr. Lalo Medina welcoming everyone and thanking all attendees for their continued support of the Texas Pecan Growers.

The event was well attended by pecan growers from all over Texas as well as from other states and even Mexico. Multiple speakers gave talks on topics from dealing with issues in the orchard to pecan market trends and future projects by the American Pecan Council. Mr. Alexander Ott, executive director of the APC, gave updates on current projects and progress being made by the APC, as well as upcoming meetings to be held.

Mrs. Janice Dees, Executive director of USPGC, and outgoing President Mr. Kevin Ivey, gave updates on recent findings of various potential markets around the globe. Mr. Ivey also welcomed the newly appointed President of the US Pecan Growers Council, Mr. Brad Ellis from Georgia.

Mr. Bob Redding from the Redding firm, gave updates on various topics being addressed by the National Pecan Federation in Washington, including trade tariffs impacting the industry as well as disaster relief packages for pecan farmers.

The conference ended on Tuesday afternoon with the Texas Pecan Growers pecan crop “guesstimate” update. (see below). 



2019 U.S. Pecan Production Estimate
Alabama 1.5 2.0
Arizona 30.0 30.0
Arkansas 1.5 2.0
California 4.5 5.5
Florida 1.0 1.0
Georgia 62.0 75.0
Kansas 1.5 1.5
Louisiana 8.0 6.0
Miss. 4.0 2.5
Missouri 1.5 2.0
New Mexico 85.0 80.0
Oklahoma 28.0 20.0
S. Carolina 1.0 1.0
Texas 36.0 28.0
Other States 0.5 0.5
U.S. Total 266.0 257.0
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