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Pecan scouts were dispatched immediately after tropical storm Irma passed through Georgia, to assess the damage to orchards. Pecan scouts reported back and continue to report back to us, giving an overall look at the state of Georgia’s pecan crop, and this is what we have found. In southeastern Georgia damage is minimal with losses on average of 20% with some orchards sustaining losses of up to 30%. These are mostly due to downed limbs and nuts blown out of the trees prematurely, along with minimal tree loss. Still in the southern portion of the state moving east the damage is more significant. In the Valdosta, Lowndes county area, losses are more significant with some areas losing entire orchard’s harvest, and a significant amount of tree loss. The same seems to be true moving north in the state near the Fort Valley area. Many orchards in this area have sustained some of the most damage in the state.


Georgia is the largest producer of Stuart (STU) pecans in the world’s, it is estimated the over 75% of the world’s supply of Stuart (STU) pecans derive from Georgia pecan growers, and now a significant portion of that harvest is literally gone with the wind; and with the continued increase in demand the price of Stuart (STU) pecans continues to rise.