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Strong Domestic Pecan Demand

The American Pecan Council has reported monthly data for six consecutive months now and the data is starting to paint a clearer picture of the demand and supply regions around the world for pecans. The data has been harder to decipher, however the APC recently switched how it reports data, and the change has made the data much easier to read. The APC has now started reporting pecans that have been shipped to end users separately from inter-handler transfers allowing readers to get a clear picture of pecans being shipped to pecan users, and pecans being shipped amongst buying points and inter handler transfers. The data prior to the February 2019 report does not separate the inter-handler transfers from end user shipments which has skewed the current view of the reported data, but nevertheless here is the data for your review. To view the complete data set click here.

*Note – Pecan shipments have been converted to in-shell in the chart below. To view shelled and in-shell pecan data separately follow the link above.