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As the western pecan harvest draws near completion in the US the eastern pecan growers are busy planting new orchards, and moving trees to new land in an effort to help put a dent in the ever-increasing demand for pecans around the globe.

Most pecan nurseries have sold out for this year and have dug and delivered a large portion of this year’s pecan tree crop as well. We thought now a good time to reveal the top varieties in the area. The top 3 varieties in the southeast Desirable, Pawnee, and Cape Fear.  Desirable has long been a favorite of growers, and buyers in the southeast due to the large well filled nut the tree produces consistently year after year, however many growers have opted to switch this nut for the Kiowa, which has gained popularity in recent years. The Kiowa produces a very similar nut as the Desirable but not nearly as susceptible to scab pressure as the Desirable making it easier and cheaper to grow. The Pawnee has been a popular nut for over a decade in the southeast and continues to be a popular pecan. The early harvest date coupled with the large nut and high meat yield has made it a competitor for both the domestic retail market as well as the export market. The Pawnee however is another high maintenance pecan cultivar for Southeastern growers. The Cape Fear is an all-around good variety, it is very fast growing, lower maintenance for growers in this region and produces a large nut with meat yields averaging above 50%.