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Southeastern Pecan Growers Watching Dorian Closely

As the category 5 storm pummeled the Bahamas over the past few days causing massive damage, pecan growers in the southeast, especially Georgia and the Carolinas, have watched and prepared for the storm to make landfall on the east coast. The Hurricane thankfully did not move directly over land staying just off the coast of Florida as it slowly moves north up the east coast. While Hurricane Dorian has been downgraded from a category 5 to a category 2 storm, massive amount of rain and high winds are still a big concern for pecan growers in the Carolinas. The Georgia Pecan Growers Association is gathering today for the annual fall field day, there of course were concerns that Hurricane Dorian would affect Georgia pecan orchards, however the storm seems to have moved north and is now headed towards the North Carolina coast. Pecan growers from Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas are still recovering from last years Hurricane Michael that came through nearly this same time last year, destroying a large portion of the pecan harvest for the season. The pecan orchards affected by last years storm are still producing a less than average crop. Several orchards in the direct path have few trees left in the orchards, but even orchards not in the direct path of the storm have fewer pecans this year largely due to the sustained high winds damaging the new growth on the trees. Thankfully, Hurricane Dorian has moved past Florida and Georgia, with little to no damage to pecan orchards reported as of yet, however growers in the Carolinas are still at significant risk. The hurricane is predicted to move further into the Atlantic by Friday or Early Saturday morning.