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The southeastern pecan growers’ association met on the sunny Alabama coast to discuss the future of the pecan industry. The meeting is a diverse mix of all pecan industry participants. This is a meeting of the largest pecan growers in the country coming from the largest producing area of the world, and at the same time this is a meeting of made up largely of medium and small size growers. The 3-day weekend consisted of fun with fishing and golfing organized for growers, as well as a diverse set of meetings ranging in topics from pecan management techniques and findings, to meetings about the future pecan production both regionally and globally. Pecan growers descended from all over the southeastern states and a few from outside of the region. Several sheller’s were present at the meetings to give a perspective on the pecan meat market conditions they were seeing in their respective areas. The weekend concluded with a day of meetings and visiting vendors booths displaying the latest products for the pecan industry. The board did announce that next year’s meeting would be held in Destin, Florida.