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As spring begins in the US, pecan growers across the south begin to monitor their pecan foliage for health.

The 2018 US Pecan crop is just beginning to emerge and so far, pecan growers say the crop looks very good. Last pecan season was riddled with challenges from flooding Texas to record high winds in Georgia, to a short crop in several pecan producing states, but the this season seems to be off to a great start for pecan growers across the southern US. Early varieties such as the Pawnee are showing pecans emerging and the growers report the crop looks very good so far. Of course, we are still very early in the season and many challenges are likely to occur before these pecans make from the tree to the consumers plate, but so far, we are seeing great signs that this year’s pecan crop will be a good one. Now that the leaves are coming out and the pecans are starting to emerge the pecan growers will begin to monitor more closely the tree, leaf and nut health of each of the pecan trees in their orchards.