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New Mexico is a large producer of pecan in the US, second only to Georgia in pecan production for the entire country. The 2017 pecan harvest in New Mexico is well under way and the crop is “looking good” according to most growers. Most pecan growers report medium to heavy crop load with good quality. A good crop plus the current strong prices normally equals up to a highly profitable year. However, this year things are not business as usual for growers in the southeastern part of the state. On November 16th just as harvest beings, we learned that the New Mexico Department of Agriculture has placed a quarantine to restrict the movement of pecans throughout the state. The quarantine is to set to restrict the movement of the pecan weevil that has been found in four counties in New Mexico. The quarantine currently only applies to the counties of Chaves, Curry, Lea and Eddy and will last for 180 days which ends on May 19, 2018. Officials will be taking monitoring the movement of the pecan weevil to ensure the quarantine is effective and prevents the spread of the pecan weevil to other counties in the area.