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Research For Pecan Trees that Can Adapt to Changing Climates

Areas in Mexico have been dealing with an issue named “vivipary” that causes pecan nuts to ripen prematurely, ultimately causing nut loss. Some orchards have experienced as high as 40% nut loss due to this disorder, and now US growers are seeing vivipary occur in orchards in New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. 


Scientist from multiple universities have begun work on this issue to find a solution before the problem becomes more prevalent. A grant has been issued for funding for the project in the amount of 3.9 million dollars for the first 2 years of a 4 year study.


Scientist from universities in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, and Georgia will be working together to find a solution. The project is headed up by Jennifer Randall, a plant molecular biologist and plant pathologist in NMSU’s Department of Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.


The full press release can be viewed on the colleges website at the link below: