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Q1 Pecan Shipments Down 30%

Last year saw a meteoric rise of pecans being shipped to customers all across the US, with domestic shipments rounding out the year as the single largest source of growth for the industry. Since 2016 when the American Pecan Council was established the industry has focused much of its efforts on growing the then stagnant demand right here at home for the American Pecan. 


Since that time pecan shipments have risen dramatically with last season seeing the largest single month on record for pecan shipments. Domestic shipments have dominated the landscape while dismal export shipments have left something to be desired.


This year has started off much slower than last season with overall shipments falling slightly over 45 million pounds for the 1st quarter of the season which runs from September to November. 


The decrease does not come as a big surprise as last season saw unusually impressive growth in the first quarter. This year is currently right on track with the season before last with total shipments reaching 105 million pounds for the first quarter. The 2019-20 season saw shipments at 109 million pounds and the season prior saw just over 100 million pounds shipped in the first quarter. 



Last year was the largest on record with shipments reaching slightly over 150 million pounds for the first quarter. This season has started off strong considering that the crop has come in much slower than in previous years and could see a drop in overall production this year. 


Prices on the farm have recovered to pre trade war levels but not as high as the 2017-18 season when China was purchasing close to 100 million pounds in the first quarter to meet the demand for the New Years celebration.