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Pecans forming in the Northern Hemisphere

As the world deals with the shut down of non-essential businesses in the global economy, agriculture continues strong with few modifications to daily life. Life on the farm is the original social distancing. Many producers will go days without seeing anyone other than their immediate family. Only a trip to the parts store will typically get a grower to leave his or her land. But as the rest of the world learns to cope with isolation and economic downturn, producers are hard at work making sure the ever growing global population has enough food to eat. 


Pecans are pound for pound one of the healthiest foods on the planet, and host the world’s healthiest fat content. As plant based proteins continue to become more mainstream with the population, so too has the need for pecans become more mainstream. 


As more research becomes available, humans are more increasingly turning to nuts as a healthy alternative to meat for needed protein, and the American Pecan is making sure humans know the health benefits available from eating the original super nut. American’s have found more and more uses for pecans and the American Pecan Growers Council has taken notice. 


Now funding multiple research studies, the Council is eager to get information out to the public about the health benefits of eating pecans. The research studies are focused on the effects to the human body in multiple different areas, we already know that pecans are good for cholesterol health as well as heart health, however some of the latest funded studies focus on the effects of cognitive function of humans who consume pecans.  


The new studies are funded by the American Pecan Growers Council which receives it funding from American pecan growers across 17 US states spanning from the east coast to the west coast across the southern US. 


As producers enter the new growing season here in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere is just entering harvest season. Next week we look at harvest in the southern hemisphere.