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Pecan tree Nurseries are sold out again and several say they are already getting low on next year’s pecan tree crop. The 2017 pecan harvest was another profitable year and the industry suppliers are responding to the supply shortage with more pecan tree plantings. The only way for the pecan Industry to keep up with the growing demand is to plant more pecan acreage, and that is just what they are doing. This year’s pecan tree crop has all but sold out, almost every nursery we’ve talked to have sold all their trees and many say that next year’s crop is selling fast as well.

Smart pecan growers are booking orders well in advance, some even plan as far as 3 years ahead with their nurseryman in order to make sure that they can plant the varieties they want, when they want to plant them. Pecan nurseries across the southern US are selling out faster each year. The nurserymen have responded by increasing the pecan tree crop size each year, but say that many new pecan growers are entering the market and don’t know to plan a year or two ahead with their pecan tree purchases, so we wind up selling out around this time every year.