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Pecan Shipments Up 16% YTD

Pecan shipments from American handlers are up 16.4% for the season when compared to the same time period for last season. The American pecan harvest season starts in September and ends in August of the following year in keeping with the beginning of harvest here in the US. 


From September to January American pecan handlers have shipped 206,586,434 lbs (93,706 MT) of pecans to customers. Last season American handlers had shipped 177,490,646 (lbs 80,508 MT) of pecans from Sept – Jan, representing an increase of 29,095,788 lbs so far this season. 


Shipments of pecans are undoubtedly up and handlers are busier than ever cleaning, shelling, and packing pecans for end users. While pecans still lag behind other tree nuts, the APC is working to change that, and make pecans a household name. 


Growers recently passed a new marketing order that will allow them to increase marketing dollars for pecans by assessing imported pecans and help level the field for American pecan producers. The new marketing order will likely go into effect this year and hopefully increase marketing effort and ultimately demand for pecans. 


Growers are currently working in the orchards to plant new trees and repair irrigation while trees are dormant. Many growers are also hedging trees right now while trees are dormant and will soon be monitoring for bud break and scab pressure in the southeast. 


Shipments continue strong this year and export markets are looking up as well. Domestic consumption ruled the day last season being the driver behind increased consumption. The global pandemic had slowed exports last season but, with China slowly returning to the table pecan exports are increasing once again. 


Global demand for pecans has been on the rise and is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. With a larger marketing budget coming down the pipeline growers are optimistic about the future of the pecan industry and have been working hard to keep up with the increase in demand. With a 7-10 year wait time for new orchards to come into commercial production, growers have been planning for this increased consumption and will hopefully be able to keep pace.