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Pecan Shipments Up 10.5% for the Season

The latest pecan data reported shows demand for pecan up 10.5 percent compared to the same time last season. 


So far this year pecan handlers have shipped just under 155 million pounds according to pecan shipment data. The season started off slightly behind in September with 31 million pounds, about one million pounds less than last season. By November shipments had surpassed last season and December 2022 again shipments are reported higher. 


Currently we are about 14.7 million pounds ahead of last year, but the data is likely to be adjusted in the coming months. 


On the flip side of the coin, handler inventory is down by about 31% according the the position report. This does reflect a data adjustment of 26.8 million pounds added to last December inventories which were originally reported at 184.5 million pounds but have since been adjusted to 211.4 million pounds. 


Even at the original reporting the inventories are significantly lower than last year. Pecan imports from Mexico are still behind last season as well but have been quickly catching up, as now the USDA has reported imports from Mexico down by about 10 million pounds of shelled pecans as of the 30th of January. 


The increase in demand is of course encouraging but growers have been struggling to increase supply capacity at a sustainable rate. As a crop that takes around 7 years to come into commercial production, increasing supply is a long term endeavor. 


To view the latest reports and historical data for pecan shipments and handler inventories, click the link below.