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Pecan Shipments to China up for March 2019

While the US / China Trade war drags on, pecan imports into Asia was a bright spot in the American Pecan export data. By region, Asia purchased the majority of the in-shell for the month of March with only one other shipment of in-shell shipped to Europe. Shelled pecans continue to dominate both the domestic and export shipments. In March 2019 shelled pecans accounted for 80% of all export shipments with in-shell pecans making up the remainder 20% of export shipments, most of which was shipped to Hong Kong. But perhaps one of the most interesting or disturbing facts in the data is the amount of foreign pecans shipped from US shellers. Since the APC began reporting data back in September 2018, to date US shellers and exporters have shipped 161,993,510* pounds of pecans. For the same period of time the APC has also reported 80,465,054 pounds of pecans purchased from outside the US, representing 49.67% of the total pecans shipped, or in simple english, half of all pecan shipped were purchased outside the US; which raises the question, is it really an “American” pecan.

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*Data is converted to in-shell. *Shipment data does contain inter-handler transfers because APC reporting did not separate data until February 2019