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Pecan Shipments Slowed for November but are up 13% for the Season

The American Pecan Council is made up of, industry elected, representatives from each of the three regions across the US broken into Eastern, Central, and Western Regions. The council was formed several years ago with the purpose of collecting assessments and data to allow producers and suppliers to better understand their industry and the pecan supply chain. 


The industry has now been collecting and reporting monthly data since last season and with the pecan industry position publications is now allowing comparative data on a month to month basis. 


The pecan industry reports publish shipment data by country along with purchase data by country along with a myriad of other data. The latest report show pecan shipments for the current 2019-2020 harvest season has increased by 13.42% when compared to cumulative shipments made for the same time period last year. 


The latest report available to date is through November 2019. When we look at the cumulative shipments for September (beginning of the season) through November we see in 2018 the American pecan industry had shipped 85,212,586 pounds (38,651 MT). 


However when we compare the same time period of September through November of this season (2019) we find that the American Pecan industry has shipped 96,648,453 pounds (43,839 MT) representing an increase of just over 13%. The increase came in September and October as the shipments in November 2019 dropped by 7%. 


The growth however, may not be related to American Pecans as purchases of American grown pecans have actually dropped by just under 10% when compared to the same time period. However shipments of Mexican pecans into the US have surged over the same time period.