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Pecan Shipments Down Slightly in March

The American Pecan Council released the March 2019 Pecan Industry Position Report this week showing the overall pecan shipments, as well as receipts for the American pecan industry. The report shows overall pecan shipments down slightly from February. When compared overall in-shell basis, pecan shipments were down just over 7% from February. The biggest drop was with in-shell pecan shipments, which dropped just over 43% from 4 million pounds to just over 2.2 million pounds shipped for the month of March. Shelled pecan shipments however remained steady with 9.8 million pounds shipped for a slight increase over February of 0.28%. Domestic consumption continues to be the larger portion of the shipments with Domestic shipments at 59% of the total pecan shipments for March and export shipments making up 41% of the total shipments. Click below to view the full pecan industry position report.

It is important to note that we are comparing only shipment data that has been delivered to “retail / grocery / export”, while excluding the inter-handler shipments and receipts.