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Pecan Shipments Continue to Rise

Pecan shipments continue to rise in the fourth quarter of 2018. While we wait for pecan shipment data from December of 2018, the APC has already released pecan shipment reports for September, October and November of 2018 and the data is positive. From September 2018 to October 2018 In-shell pecan shipments rose a whopping 295%, shelled meat shipments rose 22%, and overall pecan shipments rose just shy of 30%.  The trend carried on into the next month with In-shell pecan shipments rising the next month by 36%, Shelled pecan shipments rose 20% and overall pecan shipments rose 21% for the month of November. December pecan data will be release soon by the council giving us the full picture of 4th quarter data for pecan shipments. For now the news is positive but also expected as this is the time of year when new crop is coming in and buyers are eager to get the new crop in stores for retail sales. The real question is will pecan shipments continue to rise on onto the first quarter if 2019.