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Pecan season is in full swing in the southeastern US and pecan growers are wide open spraying for scab on a tight schedule that will get even tighter soon.

Pecan farming in Georgia and surround areas in the southeastern US is not for the faint of heart. This year’s pecan season is shaping up to be another aggressive year with pecan scab spray schedules tightening from every 14 days to many growers in the region saying they will soon move to a 7-10 day schedule to stay ahead of the pecan scab. Pecan farming in the southeastern US is dominated this time of year with spraying for pecan scab which can affect both the pecan tree’s leaves and the pecan nuts on the tree. The fungus thrives in the humid environment in the south and with rain in the forecast, pecan growers are tightening their spray schedules. Currently most growers are using a combination of products from various FRAC groups, however ELAST is a common thread amongst growers in the aggressive fight against pecan scab.