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Pecan R&P Proposal Gaining Traction

With 34 days left in the commenting period, the newly proposed “Pecan Research, Promotion, and Information Order” is garnering comments of favor by both growers and shellers early on. 


The National Pecan Federation recently submitted to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) a proposed “Pecan Research, Promotion, and Information Order” for review and ultimately implementation into the industry. The USDA has reviewed the proposal and published it in the federal registry for commenting by the general public, and more importantly the pecan industry. Now, well into the commenting period growers and shellers and even a few non industry public have expressed their concerns during the public commenting period. 


So far 19 comments have been submitted concerning the proposal, with nearly 4,000 views. The commenting period is open to the public, however it largely concerns industry and American pecan producers. Of the 19 comments most were from growers and State grower organizations, showing their support for the proposed order. 


The proposed  “Pecan Research, Promotion, and Information Order” , if approved, will allow American pecan growers to assess pecans imported into the United States and ultimately increase their marketing and research budgets for pecans. 


Currently, American growers alone carry the burden of research and promotion by paying an assessment of $0.02 – $0.03 per pound of pecans produced. However, with millions of pounds of pecans being imported from Mexico by US shellers, the foreign pecans are being marketed using American growers dollars. This came to light when an industry whistleblower revealed that an American Pecan Council board member was caught attempting to stamp the proud “American Pecans” symbol on pecans purchased from Mexico. American growers, outraged by the betrayal, went to work to find a solution. 


The “Pecan Research, Promotion, and Information Order” is the proposed solution to the pecan imports in the US. If the proposed order passes, it will require any imported pecans to be assessed at $0.02 per in-shell pound or $0.04 per pound for shelled pecans, helping to level the playing field for American pecan growers while increasing marketing and research dollars for the industry. 


The “Pecan Research, Promotion, and Information Order” commenting period ends in 34 days at which time the commenting period closes and the USDA will make their final decision whether to allow the formation of the board and the collection of the assessments on foreign pecans entering the US. To view the proposal and or submit comments, click the link below.