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The Chinese New Year is a big event every year. This year the festivities begin on February 16, 2018 which actually occurs 12hrs prior to the Eastern time zone of the US. Keep that in mind if you are planning on counting down with the Chinese celebrations. Every year is a huge celebration that actually last for about 2 weeks; celebrations and festivals will take place in cities and towns all across China. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, a national celebration is a big event to say the least.

During the time leading up to the Spring Festival (same event) factories will run at full capacity to fill orders before the mass migration of workers traveling back to their rural home towns for the holiday time spent with family. The nut roasting factories are also part of this big push. Similar to pecan sales spiking in the US during the Thanks giving and Christmas the same happens in China during the Spring Festival. Many people purchase roasted, flavored pecans as gifts for family members during the holidays. This of course means the factories work even harder to prepare for the consumption spike of pecans during the Chinese New Year / Spring Festival. Roasters in China are also continuing to expand operations. During my most recent visit to the roasters factories, many of the factories were under construction adding more equipment, and new lines to increase production in an effort to keep up with demand.