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Pecan Production Increases While Prices Lull

Pecan data from the USDA shows pecan prices are more favorable in western states even as imports continue near highs. 


The pecan production report shows bearing acreage in several (not all) states across the southern US along with prices paid per pound at the farm as well as the overall value of the pecans from that state. 


New Mexico and Arizona had some of the highest per pound prices paid to growers over the past few years, and production is increasing as growers plant more trees for commercial production orchards.


The data show prices struggling to stay above $2.00 /lb but have been hovering around that level for several of the most recent years. Prices have dipped below this level again, but have been picking up. 


The overall production is up across many of the states. Some states have not seen any increase in planting and bearing acreage is down slightly in several states. Yields are improving but still have plenty of room for improvement still.


Georgia’s average per acre yield is on the rebound after the devastating storms destroyed a significant amount of crop in middle and southern Georgia. To view the full report check the link below.