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Pecan Prices Inch Upward on the Farm

The American Pecan industry has had a bit of a tough season last year with the onset of the trade war between China and the US the price of pecans fell dramatically on the farm causing many pecan growers in the US and Mexico to store their pecans until prices improve. While the price of pecans on the farm is improving, the most significant improvement in pecan prices is in foreign countries. Pecan producing countries in the southern hemisphere have just entered the harvest season and so far prices on the farm are holding up well compared to the US pecan prices. Early prices are coming in around $0.40 per pound higher than the same pecan on a US pecan farm. The price difference is a result of the tariffs placed on the American Pecans which has shifted purchasing habits of foreign pecan buyers away from American pecans temporarily.  However, while the prices on the farm have dropped in the US, the American pecan industry is still improving with shipments of shelled pecans continuing to climb and pecan imports into the US continue to hit record numbers.