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As the world pecan market continues to grow, US pecan sheller’s current capacity is struggling to keep up with demand. This time of year pecan sheller’s from the US and Mexico watch the pecan market prices very closely. This is also the time of year that US pecan sheller’s begin heavy buying activities from the US pecan growers and the Mexican pecan growers. However, with the US dollar weaker against the Mexican peso, many Mexican pecan growers are still holding out for higher prices, but the US pecan shellers aren’t budging. The US pecan harvest is well underway and US pecan shellers are eager to get in-shell pecans into the pecan shelling plant in order to keep up with the ever-growing demand around the globe. The European Union especially has developed a taste for shelled pecans and the buying activities from that region are as strong as ever and growing. However, with the new federal pecan marketing order passed and the recently created American Pecan Council domestic consumption appears to be on the rise as well.