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As the 2018 pecan marketing year gets underway pecan growers and pecan shellers are seeing growth on both sides of the market, we analyzed the data to find that shelled pecan export values grew by 33% in 2017.

The US Pecan crop has been harvested and is now being shipped around the globe to pecan buyers all over the world. The marketing efforts by US Pecans is paying off for both shelled and in-shell pecans. In fact, the marketing efforts have seen an increase in demand and prices for in-shell pecans as well as shelled pecans. However, the marketing may be working even better for the shelled pecan market as the year over year increase for shelled pecan exports rose by 33%, while the year over year increase for in-shell pecan export values rose by only 27%. While both in-shell and shelled pecan export values rose, the shelled pecan export values rose by 6% more than the in-shell pecan export values. This is good news for the pecan industry no matter how you look at the data. As the 2018 pecan marketing year continues along we will monitor the pecan exports and export values. Some pecan industry experts expect the pecan export values to remain steady with little to no increase this year, while others say they expect another record breaking year for 2018 just like we saw for the 2017 pecan crop year.