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The Recent increase in buying activities around the US and Mexico of pecan halves and pecan pieces now has both pecan buyers and pecan shellers concerned about inventory levels and future availability of product to supply the industry.

With still more than four months left until the US and Mexico begin pecan harvest, pecan shellers and pecan buyers around the industry have growing concerns that inventories may not be enough to cover the growing demand for shelled pecans. A recent spike in pecan kernel sales has been good for the pecan shellers and accumulators who are holding inventory. However, the spike in pecan sales has also caused concern about the availability of some major industry shellers to supply kernels that may have already been committed to other ingredient buyers in the industry. Many pecan ingredient buyers have learned, that with the new marketing order for pecans come new challenges, and most have adjusted purchasing habits by contracting their yearly needs further in advance in order to hedge against price inflation and inventory shortages. But this year may prove to that these actions are not always a full proof way of protecting against inventory shortages. A recent surge in pecan kernel sales, has many buyers wondering if they will be able to purchase more pecan inventory later in the year. More specifically Jumbo pecan halves seems to be on the chopping block for many shellers. The Jumbo pecan halve seems to have increased in popularity in recent months and weeks and now may be all but sold out before the new pecan crop becomes available to resupply what could be a shortage. Popular among many buyers due to its cost to size ratio the Jumbo halve has been a “go to pecan” for many years among seasoned pecan buyers. But this year could prove that it may have grown too popular. Shellers we spoke with say that they have inventory currently, but they don’t know how long it will last at the current rate of purchases. A couple of shellers say they have been searching for more in anticipation of higher sales than usual. A word to the wise, if you need Jumbo pecan halves before November of 2018 you would be well served to purchase them immediately.