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Pecan Inventory Report Reveals Strong Domestic Consumption

The American Pecan Council released the end of year pecan inventory report last week depicting the pecan inventory as of August 31, 2019. The end of August is the official end of the pecan season for each year.

The year end inventory report show some interesting data about the pecan industry. The inventory report shows the quantity of pecans already sold but not yet delivered (committed) and the different types of pecans in cold storage along with work in progress (W-I-P).


The numbers are quite encouraging on the demand side of the equation with a mere 36.61% of total pecan inventory not already sold. This of course means that the remaining 63.39% of pecans in inventory are already sold and awaiting delivery.


Pecan halves are another bright spot in the data with a current shortage of nearly 2 million pounds on hand, however the current in-shell inventory is enough to handle the current shortage with ample pecans left over.


The current domestic consumption of pecan inventory is another bright spot in the data, with more than half of the current pecan inventory committed to the domestic market. Exports commitments only make up 6% of total inventory. As a total of all committed pecan inventory, domestic consumption makes up approximately 90% while exports account for the remaining 10%.


This data bodes well for the American Pecan Council and the new “American Pecan” campaigns, showing the effectiveness of marketing on the domestic market. Prior to the establishment of the APC and the federal marketing order, domestic consumption had been stagnate for many years.

Type Export Domestic Uncommitted Total
Improved 1,022,492 12,796,190 31,820,470 45,639,152
Native / Seedling 0 7,460,186 4,556,540 12,016,726
Substandard 0 296,749 2,509,083 2,805,832
Total 1,022,492 20,553,125 38,886,093 60,461,710
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Type Export Domestic Uncommitted Total
Halves 4,224,924 16,608,588 -1,809,994 19,023,518
Pieces 605,250 22,308,288 13,682,617 36,596,155
W-I-P 0 34,890 204,149 239,039
Total 4,830,174 38,951,766 12,076,772 55,858,712
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To view the full report released by the American Pecan Council click the link below.