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Pecan Inventories at Lowest Levels In Years

Pecan Inventories have been trailing significantly behind previous levels for this entire season with October of this season hitting around 103 million pounds total inventory converted to in-shell or around 51 million pounds converted to pecan kernels. 


The pecan inventories reported at the handler level can be highly inaccurate and is subject to change at anytime without notice but for now it is the best data we have available at the handler level.


The USDA data reported is also showing a similar trend in the pecan inventories. Overall pecan inventories reported by the USDA has hit the lowest levels in nearly a decade but does have different reporting methods. 


Demand for pecans continues strong with this season showing increased demand over last year. Coming into the season we are seeing a buyer demand increase or remain steady in key areas in the domestic and export markets. 


The crop this year is expected to be off in the southeastern US which is the largest producing region in the world by acreage and volume. While quality is reported to be in the “excellent” range this year the Georgia crop will likely be an “off” year coming off last season. 


While reports and guesses have been released by growers, intermediates, buyers, and brokers most industry experts are leaning toward a tighter supply for the upcoming crop year. Growers around the industry have been experiencing increased buyer interest early on this season as the supply numbers look to be shrinking. Buyers are hoping to secure new crop pecans early on this year.