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Pecan Growers Seeing Positive Results With Early Season Use

As growers move into the second and third applications depending on variety and scab susceptibility, growers are reporting positive results after using KPhite.


Looking back on the 2022 conferences sponsored by the Southeastern Pecan Growers Association and the Georgia Pecan Growers Association, my interaction with growers indicates they are pleased with the performance of Kphite 7LP in pecan production. 


 Growers from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana came by the Plant Food Systems booth.  What they told me is impressive. They had a great crop!  A key grower in the toughest area of Georgia to grow pecans had better production in 2021 than in 2020!  


Other Kphite 7LP users indicated they had a really good crop while others around them had production of 45-65% of prior year. In 2021, we started dry. But when the rains came it was relentless.  Initially, we thought we had a really good crop in Georgia. 


Visually the crop looked very good. But the rainfall persisted with very little sunshine. Cloudy days reached into the nut-fill period resulting in lower photosynthesis and carbohydrate production that negatively impacted our production.


As of May 20, 2022 many of Georgia’s commercial growers have started the third application of Kphite 7LP.  Others are finishing the second application depending on variety.  Cool temperatures and dry air allowed some growers to stretch their spray interval beyond 14 days.  We expect warmer temperatures and increasing humidity.  


Growers are encouraged to maintain a minimum 14-day interval on scab sensitive varieties especially in orchards where scab is typically a problem. The Kphite 7LP Fungicide/Bactericide spray recommendation, for our most scab sensitive varieties, is to apply up to 4 sequential applications through mid-June. 


Most growers indicate they are using Kphite 7LP sequential applications in the first 3 or 4 applications. Rates vary from 2 to 3 quarts per acre per application. With consistent and properly timed applications growers using Kphite 7LP in early season, sequential applications are experiencing :

  • Outstanding Pecan Scab Prevention
  • Improved Tree Health
  • Improved Nut Production


Gary Veal


Plant Food Systems, Inc.

Technical Sales Agronomist

(229) 425-1407