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The Texas Pecan Growers Association is holding its annual meeting in San Marcos, Texas this week. Beginning on Sunday pecan growers from all over the US and even a few from Mexico converged on the Embassy suites and convention center to conduct business meetings. Pecan discussions covering all aspects of the industry and the current opportunities and challenges facing the industry are being discussed. One discussion of course is the newly imposed tariffs by China for pecans of US origin. Both the American Pecan Council and the Pecan Federation are working together along with the US Pecan Growers to address the tariffs and explore any options available to the industry. Since the tariffs are part of a much larger battle most say the best option may be to shift more efforts to other export markets along with increasing domestic consumption, but all avenues are being explored. The meetings will continue today with educational seminars covering pecan weevils, food safety, and an update from marketing efforts by the American Pecan Council, and Mr. Adams will introduce the newly appointed APC director Mr. Alexander Ott. The meetings will end this afternoon, and a half day orchard tour will wrap up the show tomorrow around noon. For more information about this event or to schedule tickets for next year’s conference you can contact the Texas Pecan Growers Association directly.