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Pecan Exports Up 15%

The latest pecan export data shows pecan exports from the US have risen over the same time last year. From September through April this year, pecan exporters have shipped 13 million more pounds of pecans when compared to the same time last season. 


From September 2019 to April 2020, US pecan exports shipped 73,602,941 pounds of pecans to countries around the world for various uses, this season has shown a slight improvement over last year. From September 2020 to April 2021 US exporters shipped 86,939,574 pounds of pecans representing an increase of 13,336,633 pounds or 15.34%. 


The increase in pecan export shipments has come largely from Asia with pecan exports up 15.5 million pounds to the region. The Middle East has also shown big improvement over last season, up 42% nearly doubling exports to the region. 



South America, while relatively still a new region for pecan exports, has also shown a slight increase. The remainder of the regions remain slightly down for the year, however with economies continually improving and restrictions continuing to ease this could change before the end of the season. 


Supply remains stable, with inventories nearly the same as last year for handlers and an increase for growers. Overall demand is still increasing with domestic demand continuing to push higher. Grower deliveries are still up with in-shell prices sluggish but recovering slowly. 



Growers continue to monitor the market waiting to see if demand will surge prior to next harvest beginning here in North America.