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Pecan Exports Slightly Ahead of Last Season

With only four months left in the reporting season, pecan exports are slightly ahead of last season according to the latest pecan position report. 


While many growers no longer trust the data coming from the American Pecan Council staff, I think it is important to remember that this is currently the best data we have available to our industry, and the board members are working to right the ship. 


Based on the latest pecan position report from the pecan council operating from their offices in Texas we have 8 months of data in this current season and we can see that while some months have been better than others we are on pace to have similar export quantities as we had last season. 


The pecan season runs from September to August each year for the APC, which is slightly different than the USDA, just to keep things interesting I guess. The latest data shows that from September to April of this year we have shipped just over 61 million pounds of pecans to foreign countries with the Asian market being the largest exporting region, encompassing 34.7% of the total exported. 



The European region comes in as the 2nd most popular export destination for American Pecans encompassing around 30% of the total exports so far this year. In total we are at 61,268,889 pounds of pecans exported while last year at the same time we had exported 60,165,850 pounds of pecans, representing a 1.83% increase in pecan exports when compared to the same time last season. 


Pecan inventories have been trending significantly lower over the past year and we are expected to have an off year this season, this could cause a significant strain on pecan supplies moving forward as growers struggle to keep pace with increasing demand.