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Pecan Exports Down But Germany A Bright Spot

Pecan exports have seen a decline over the last year off highs from the prior season. The supply chain issues have made shipping difficult with port delays compounding unsteady supply chains. 


While China has been a large export market in the past, US pecan exports to China have fallen over the last years since the onset of the trade dispute between the US and China.  Last year did see a big jump from decade lows but this season’s Chinese exports have fallen again. But there is hope for a brighter future in China. The American Pecan Council (APC) has been working in the China market to develop demand through various avenues such as social media influencers, popular chefs and demonstrations capitalizing on traditional festivals, by showing how Chinese consumers can incorporate the healthy nut into their everyday diets. 


While exports are down in China and various other exports markets, Germany is showing to be a bright spot in pecan exports. The APC has identified the market as favorable and have launched marketing campaigns for American Pecans in the German market. 


At the meeting last week in Texas, the APC staff gave an update of the work being done in the German market with the help of their marketing team in country and once again Weber Shandwick delivers. 


We all remember the daring and quite genius “pecan debate” campaign a couple of years ago during one of the most polarized elections in recent memory. Now the team has again combined simplicity and tradition in the German market to position the American Pecan as the go to nut in the country. The APC will be releasing highlights of the campaign in the near future. 


The numbers are already showing positive results as exports to Germany have jumped from approximately 1.7 million last season to 2.6 million pounds shipped for the current season. The market looks promising and has helped keep exports to the European region near last years levels while other countries in the region have fallen.