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Pecan Exports Down 11% YTD

The American Pecan Growers Council is in its second year releasing monthly data concerning the global pecan industry with supply and demand data in the form of shipments and commitments to ship on the demand side. On the supply side of the industry, the APC reports on purchases and commitments to purchase, as well as variety specific data for farm deliveries. 


The January 2020 report will be released toward the end of this month, and we will get a better picture looking into the 2nd quarter of the season. The latest data shows the most recent 4 months of the season which begins in September each year and terminates at the end of August. 


The season started off well with demand pushing just past a 15% increase when compared to last years season, but those numbers have since dropped. To date the American pecan industry has seen a drop of 11.48% in pecan exports while domestic consumption dropped just 1.49%. 


The numbers come as a surprise to all of us as the published pecan data for last season has changed without notice. Until recently the numbers showed a very different picture from year to year, but with recently published new data the outlook has changed to the negative. 


The newly published data shows overall shipments down 4.06% year to date, with pecan exports down 11.48% and domestic consumption down 1.49%. Prior to the newly published last season data, pecan exports were up significantly. 


As of February 20, 2020, the data published on the APC website stacks up as follows.