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Pecan Deliveries From Growers Down Nearly 40 Million Pounds

The latest pecan industry position report shows growers delivered 36,508,003 fewer pounds last season. The American Pecan Council reports data each month on various key industry metrics in order to allow industry to better gauge supply, demand, marketing dollars and other standings of interest to our industry.

The final August report for the season from Sept – Aug each year was released this week showing the final deliveries from growers at 306,680,148 lbs (139107.7 MT). By comparison, the previous season 2020-2021 American Pecan growers delivered 343,188,151 lbs (155,667.5 MT) representing a decrease of 10.64% for the year.

Pecan inventories have been trending lower for most of the year, however deliveries to buyers have also declined to one of the slowest seasons since the inception of the APC. Marketing activities did lull this season during the “switch over” to the new APPB which will hopefully increase marketing dollars. China marketing has been put on pause due to shut downs in the country, and is expected to resume sometime in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Pecan prices have held up well through the season even despite slower deliveries. Growers have predicted a similarly sized crop again this season, however parts of Texas have been dealing with drought and may produce less than expected this season.

New Mexico and Georgia look to have a good crop on the trees and barring any natural disasters should be able to harvest a good quality crop this season. Lower inventories have been trending for the season so this is not a surprise that we have seen fewer deliveries from growers. Hopefully we harvest a quality crop this season large enough to keep orders filled while encouraging more use and innovation with new or existing buyers.