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Pecan crop set in the Southeast

The pecan crop in the southeastern US is shaping up nicely with a good crop set. Pawnee pecan trees have come back with a good crop, and look to be very good overall, Desirable trees have set an average crop, while Stuart trees leave something to be desired. This is not a big surprise due to the fact that this is expected to be an “off” year in the production cycle for stuarts. The crop overall looks good in the southeast; production in this area is expected to be down again this year due to long term damage of pecan orchards from hurricane Michael, that devastated the crop just before harvest last year. A good crop is welcome news to growers in the southeast as well as for pecan buyers around the US. Georgia is still the largest producing state for pecans and with such big losses last year, some pecan buyers are concerned that the overall pecan supply may come up short this year with such big losses from last year’s production.